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RHUB Audio Conferencing Integration with PBX & Service Providers

With the integrated RHUB audio conferencing, whether you or your attendees use phones (PSTN) or computer headsets (VoIP), all attendees can converse together. You can record and replay a entire meeting session with everyone's voice and the presenter's screen updates. You can individually mute/unmute callers (PSTN or VoIP) and view who are speaking.

Starting in V5.1, RHUB has offered integration between the RHUB integrated audio conferencing and customers' PBX or third party audio conferencing systems by service providers. 

With the integration, the following use cases will be covered:

  1. TurboMeeting VoIP
  2. The RHUB PSTN Audio Conferencing service, TurboConferencing
  3. TurboMeeting VoIP + TurboConferencing
  4. TurboMeeting VoIP + PSTN/VoIP by customers' PBXs
  5. TurboMeeting VoIP + PSTN by service providers
  6. TurboMeeting VoIP + TurboConferencing + PSTN/VoIP by customers' PBXs
  7. TurboMeeting VoIP + TurboConferencing + PSTN/VoIP by service providers


The reason why includes TurboConferencing in case #6 and #7 is that TurboConferencing service will allow international callers to join your audio conferencing sessions through domestic calls and avoid international call costs. Currently RHUB's international call services cover 28 countries around the world.