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The RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Server

RHUB collaborative remote support products are most useful for businesses that need to::
  • Resolve support issues
  • Increase call capacity with a reduced budget
  • Reduce incident handling time
  • Avoid travel costs

RHUB collaborative remote support servers emphasize these key functions:

  • Collaborative remote support
  • Complete control of a remote computer
  • Remote reboot of the supported computer and automatic reconnection to the support session
  • Unattended remote support.
  • Session recording.

Different from other competing remote support products, the RHUB servers provide you with the following unique advantages: unique advantages:

  • Collaborative support and knowledge sharing
  • In-session online training
  • Guaranteed connection

Collaborative Remote Support

3 Clicks to Start Your Remote Support:



As soon as attendees joins your support sessions, you can immediately view and control their computers. It takes only one click for attendees to turn their computers over to you for support. From there, attendees can walk away and leave their computers available for support. You can reboot any computer anytime during a support session and the computer will automatically re-join the support session after the reboot process has completed. You can record the entire support session for audit purposes.

The tables below show the main features of the RHUB collaborative remote support server.

Remote Support Specific Features:

Main Features Descriptions Supported Platforms
Instant view and remote control After an attendee fills in session ID and password, one click from the attendee releases computer control to you so that you can instantly see and control the attendee's desktop.     PC & Mac
Remote reboot in the regular or safe mode You can remotely reboot the supported computer in the regular mode or the safe mode.  PC
Remotely logout or login as a different user You can remotely logout and login as a different user  PC
Multi-tiered collaborative support You can invite two additional colleagues of yours to join the support meeting. All of them can control the supported computers in order to collaborate in resolving issues. This function is also used to remotely train new support staff with real, current support problems.  PC & Mac
Switch to training mode during support session During the support session, you can switch the presenter to be yourself so that the attendee can view your screen. If you like, you can pass your keyboard and mouse function to the attendee. This function is used in customer training during a support session and helps to increase customer satisfaction.  PC & Mac
Remotely lock supported computer at the end of support session At the end of your support session, as an option, you can remotely lock the supported computer to protect your client's computer in the event the client is not present.  PC
Send Ctrl+Alt+Del You can send Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to the supported remote computer  PC
Remotely start an unattended session You can remotely start an unattended support session so that you can access a remote computer any time later without any assistance from your customer. PC
Mini-Meeting You can invite up to 9 other participants to join your support session and host a mini-meeting. Every participant can present his computer screen or a specific application and let others control his computer. It is a fully interactive meeting session. PC & Mac
Blank remote desktop You can blank a remote desktop to prevent your sensitive remote control activities from being viewed. PC
Retrieve remote computer system information You can retrieve remote computer system information including operating system summary, drives, current processes, memory, applications, services, and even logs.  PC & MAC

Remote Access (or Unattended Remote Support) Specific Features

Main Features Descriptions Supported Platforms
Always on after power recycle or reconnection. Whether the remote computer's power is recycled or re-connected, you always have access to it. PC
Irreversible encryption of meeting
The password for the remote access meeting session is irreversibly encrypted in the database. The password is not saved anywhere, including on the remote and local computers. The password transmission over the Internet is encrypted via SSL. PC
Remote lock computer any time In addition to the secured meeting password, you can lock your computer remotely to add another layer of access protection. PC
Remote reboot in the regular or safe mode You can remotely reboot your computer. After reboot, you can still access the remote computer. PC
Multi-party access You can invite up to two additional parties to access the same remote computer for collaboration. PC
Send Ctrl+Alt+Del You can send Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to the remote computer PC
Remotely logout or login as a different user You can remotely logout and login as a different user PC
Hide a remote access session to monitor a remote desktop Start a remote access meeting and hide it. Logout the computer. Now you can remotely monitor the PC from anywhere while the computer users cannot see and delete the meeting. This can be used to remotely monitor employee or children desktops. PC
Mini-Meeting You can invite up to 9 other participants to join your remote access session. Every participant can view and control the remote desktop. PC
Blank remote desktop You can blank a remote desktop to prevent your sensitive remote control activities from being viewed. PC
Retrieve remote computer system information You can retrieve remote computer system information including operating system summary, drives, current processes, memory, applications, services, and even logs.  PC

Common Features of RHUB Server:

Main Features Descriptions Supported Platforms
15-way video conferencing The system allows 15 webcams to join a video conferencing PC & Mac
HD VoIP audio conferencing All meeting attendees can use the computer microphones and speakers to conduct audio conferencing with HD voice quality. A decent headset is strongly suggested to avoid echo. It supports over 200 attendees in one meeting session. PC & Mac
Free audio conferencing All participants in a meeting can attend an audio conference and get land-line quality. It is free and integrated. All platforms
Firewall & proxy friendly Complies with existing firewall settings, without compromising security.  All platforms
Compatible with lockdown computers Capable of working with lockdown computers All platforms
Chat Interactive meeting attendees can chat with each other. Chat sessions can be saved for later reference. PC & Mac
File transfer Attendees can send files or folders to every attendee or a specific attendee. Sending files automatically resumes when an attendee Internet connection reconnects. PC & Mac
Change colors Easily changes colors among 256 colors (for the fastest speed), 16-bit and 32-bit true color (for the best image quality). For example, for remote support, the 256 colors are adequate. For artwork with a client, choose 16-bit or 32-bit.  PC & Mac
Whiteboard A whiteboard is available for drawing PC & Mac
Annotation Allows you to draw annotation marks anywhere on your screen to emphasize your points or ideas. You can save the annotation as JPEG files. PC & Mac
Auto-reconnection There are many reasons why your or your attendees' Internet connection could be lost in the middle of a meeting. Your meeting will continue as soon as the Internet reconnects. No need to restart or rejoin a meeting.  All platforms
Schedule Meetings You can schedule single or recurring meetings. You can publish the scheduled meetings anywhere you want. The system displays scheduled meetings in both HTML and XML. PC & Mac
Remote Printing Remote print of any documents to any attendees in a meeting/support session PC
LDAP Integration Use your own LDAP or Active Directory for the user authentication and facilitate the deployment. Available only for enterprise models: TM800 and above. All platforms
Fit-to-screen display Perfectly displays the presenter's screen on your screen, regardless of the presenter's screen size.  PC & Mac
Remove client software at the end of a meeting You as the meeting host can specify whether the TurboMeeting client is removed from your attendees' computers at the end of a meeting. PC & Mac
Outlook and audio conferencing integration When you send out invitation emails via Outlook for scheduled meetings, the system will automatically mark your calendar and have an option for your attendees to mark their calendars. The system also allows you to specify the audio conference call numbers and access code.  PC
Start/Join meetings within Outlook Users can start, join or schedule a meeting from shortcuts embedded in Outlook. PC
High Availability Cluster For all 1U form factor servers, you can have two servers work together to ensure high availability. When one server is down, the other will start to deliver the service automatically. All platforms
Maximum customization 1. Start or join meetings from your internal home page or other enterprise applications; 2. Direct your attendees to your own promotion page when meetings end; 3. Brand your TurboMeeting with your company name and logo; 4. Publish your scheduled meetings on your websites or other applications All platforms
24 x 7 operation and no maintenance needed The server operates 24 x 7. Firmware (including the meeting client software) is automatically updated. No maintenance is needed. All platforms
International Language support The current version supports English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and Japanese PC & Mac
Recording Record screen and voice. A player is built in with recording data. One executable file has both data and a player. You can convert your recording to standard multimedia formats in Flash, AVI and WMV for editing or publishing. Download the converter. PC & Mac
Firewall-protected internal meetings When you start a meeting, you can tell the system whether it is an internal meeting, which only accepts attendees who come behind your firewall or come from those public IP addresses you specified during the system setup.   All platforms
Unlimited registered users There is no limit on the number of hosts you can register to use the system. It only limits the number of concurrent users using the system and the number of concurrent meetings. All platforms
Manage meetings You can monitor all meetings running in the system and terminate any of them to conserve licenses or for any other reason. All platforms
Reporting Report meeting start and end time, topics, attendee names, emails, IP addresses, join and exit time. All platforms
Push URL You can push a URL to all attendees' browsers PC & MAC
Private chat room among staff In a meeting session, the host, presenter and panelists form a staff group. They can have private chats among themselves PC & MAC
Raise hand Each attendee can raise hands All platforms
Raise hand via telephones Telephone callers can raise hands by pressing *2 All platforms
Stream desktop video With cable high-speed internet connection, you can stream your desktop video to your attendees in real-time at acceptable frames per second. PC & MAC
Share computer audio You can share your computer audio with your attendees. PC
Large HD viewer via webcam You can use your HD webcam to present video in the size as big as your desktop. The system will deliver the video at the photo-level quality or even in true-color with 100% accuracy. This function can be used by teachers to show their big white boards to students or by doctors to show some moving details with extremely high image quality. Note that the frame rate is not as high as regular webcam video. This function focuses on image quality and details thanks to the large size. PC & MAC


Supported Windows:
  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8

Supported Mac:

  • 10.6 or later

Supported iOS:

  • iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Freely download at the Apple Store. Production name: TurboMeeting.
  • Your RHUB appliance must be in V5.1 or later.

Other platforms supported by browsers (Linux, Unix, Android, etc):

  • A browser is required. View only.