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The Unique Advantages of RHUB Collaborative Remote Support servers

The unique advantages of RHUB collaborative remote support servers over other competing remote support products are:

  • Collaborative support and knowledge sharing:  The RHUB system allows up to 10 participants in one support session. This turns a remote support session into a fully interactive web conferencing session, which dramatically facilitates the speed of collectively resolving the most difficult issues and conducts real-world case based training for new support staff.
  1. Support cases requiring third parties involved, for example, a software vendor such as Microsoft
  2. Support cases requiring senior support staff or managers
  3. Support cases requiring engineers to debug in real-time
  4. Training junior support staff using the real-world support cases



Collaborative Support
  • In-session online training: The support agent can change to the online training mode anytime during a support session. Many support issues come from customers' lack of product knowledge. An instant training session helps to prevent many issues from happening in the future and saves in support costs. In addition, this improves customer satisfaction and increases sales because your customer has a better appreciation of your product functions.

  • Guaranteed connection: Many organizations either lockdown their employee desktops so that the employees cannot install any software, or block unwanted Internet connection to comply with their most restrictive firewall policy. Because of those strong security measures, you may not be able to connect to users’ desktops using competing remote support products.

         The RHUB products have resolved the most difficult connection related issues at three levels:


RHUB has introduced a special technology that installs the RHUB client software in lockdown computers. Ensuring client software installation is the first step toward a successful remote support session.


After installation, the most difficult technical challenge is to ensure the connection of client software to the server. Because a user can configure his firewall to block any type of traffic at will, no vendor including RHUB can guarantee firewall traversal for remote control of a customer computer. The difference is a competent vendor can deliver much higher level of firewall traversal success ratio.

RHUB is one of very few vendors in the industry that have mastered the most difficult evolving firewall traversal technology. Just test competing products with your customers who you believe have the most restrictive firewalls, for example, banks, federal and state government agencies, the Fortune 500 companies, etc.  You will find most competing products do not let your customers join your support sessions because of the blockage of their strong firewalls.


If client software download or connection to servers is blocked by users’ firewalls for whatever reasons, all competing products will stop working.

However, with the RHUB's patent pending Universal Attendance technology you can still invite your customers to join your support session by using a browser on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix or iPhone) to view your desktop. This view-only attendance is guaranteed and the RHUB system allows you to show your customers how a computer application should work. This facilitates communications with your customers on issues. While this one-way view-only function does not provide the full remote support capability, it can help resolve many issues that cannot be resolved by telephone alone.