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Remote Deployment

Consider this scenario: you have sold a software product to a client in a pre-installed computer. Once the computer arrives at your client's office, you need to configure it in order to make it work. Right now you have three ways to do this:

  1. Visit your client's office
  2. Work with your client over the phone
  3. Use remote access software such as VNC, terminal server or PCAnywhere.

Obviously, the first two options are expensive and inefficient. The third option requires that your client opens one or more inbound TCP ports in firewalls. Opening a port on the firewall can be a challenging process as well as pose a security breach.

In contrast, this is how the RHUB servers enhance security and simplify processes:

  1. Before sending out the computer, start a remote access meeting on that computer
  2. Assign a client name as the meeting subject.
  3. Shut down the computer and ship it to your client.

As soon as your client receives the computer, all you do is

  1. Join the scheduled meeting and you have full control of the computer.

With the RHUB server, your client does not need to change any of their firewall settings. All they need to do is:

  1. Plug in an Internet cable
  2. Turn on the computer.

You can even record the entire remote configuration session for an audit trail, which may be required by your client.

Once the deployment is completed, simply terminate the meeting and the client's computer will not be accessible by anyone via the RHUB server.