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RHUB, 2007 Tech Innovators Awards Finalist

Recognizes RHUB as a 2009 Emerging vendor

remote access software

Recognizes RHUB as a 2008 Emerging Tech Vendor

Influencer and Contender in Rich Media Conferencing 2009

Reference #: GS-35F-0550W


The Best Product of 2011


RHUB in the Press


Linux device offers web, video, audio conferencing
Collaboration Technologies Finnishes the job for Rhub

Remote Management Extends IT’s Reach
Tools reduce costs and improve service delivery for state and local agencies

TurboMeeting has everything you need for remote gatherings, in a small box
Hitachi teams with RHUB for teleconferencing
Knowledge Management and Collaboration Create Knowledge Sharing
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RHUB CEO On Net Neutrality
RHUB Communications: On-prem Webconferencing solution competes with WebEx, Citrix...soon with videoconferencing providers
RHUB Named as Influencer and Contender in Rich Media Conferencing 2009
Web conferencing: the next generation
An Inside Look at What's Next for HD VoIP and Other Products
5 New Kids on the Networking Block
RHUB's Web meeting service is affordable
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10 Hot Test Center Products Of The First Quarter
TurboMeeting is the Leading "Quad Player" of the Web Meeting Arena - Overcoming WebEx and GoTo Meeting Barriers
Affordable and Convenient -- Less hassle
Emerging Vendors: RHUB: Web Conferencing For The Little Guys
Break the WebEx Habit with RHUB's TurboMeeting Conference Server
Siracom Appointed as RHUB’s UK and European Distributor
Web Conference Via On Premise Server - No Monthly Fee
RHUB TM-200 Web Conferencing Server: Almost As Good As Being There

Hold Virtual Meetings on Virtually Any Platform

“Web Ex in a Box” targets Cisco's WebEx market
Web Conferencing In The Medical Instrumentation/Diagnostic Software Industry
Firm turbocharges Web meetings - Conferencing server and Web interface allow numerous departmental and training sessions
Jamcracker Expedites SAAS
RHUB web conferencing integrated with Polycom video and audio systems
RHUB, 2007 Tech Innovators Awards Finalist 
RHUB Web Conferencing Server: Kick Monthly Fees Out the Door 
Packetel Expands Its Web Conferencing Solutions Portfolio 
Another Alternative for Web Conferences 
Are there any applications to remote-control Macs?
The Wainhouse Research Bulletin 
Rhub 200 Conferencing
Web Conferencing on Mobile Phones 
From Pasadena... It's Central Desktop Live!