R-HUB provides secure video, web and audio
conferencing and remote support servers
that YOU own and YOU control. Forever.
  • No more limits on employee access.
  • No more third-party surveillance risks.
  • No more monthly subscription fees.
  • No more limits on how a company,
    its employees and its customers can communicate.

Extensive, Real-Time Collaboration Applications You Need to Keep Your Company Competitive

Imagine having access to real-time collaboration services for any number of employees—whether it’s ten or one hundred thousand—available anytime and anywhere!

Each department in your organization can benefit from one or more of the real-time collaboration applications provided by R-HUB servers, without needing subscriptions to a variety of different hosted service providers.
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Live Streaming
Audio Conferencing
Remote Support
Remote Hand
Remote Access

Supports Unlimited Users, Increasing Employee Productivity

Unlike hosted services that charge a subscription fee for each named user, R-HUB uses floating server licenses that allow an unlimited number of users for an affordable, one-time, fixed price. In combination with LDAP integration secured by your company’s firewall, the R-HUB server rapidly delivers a productivity boost to everyone in an organization.

Unmatched On-Premises Security & Privacy

As reported in articles posted by Security Boulevard ("Check Point Reveals Zoom Video Hack"), Krebs on Security ("Citing Attack, GoToMyPC Resets All Passwords") and the BBC ("Significant number of TeamViewer accounts hacked"), hosted services used for real-time collaboration are naturally prone to hacking.

In addition, cloud service providers can access user data at any time for their own profit. They are also subject to government inquiry from agencies requesting access to user data including meeting history, attendee details and future meeting information. In the first six months of 2017 alone, Google received 48,941 requests for data from global governments.

Please refer to the R-HUB white paper on its security and privacy measures, "R-HUB Servers Provide Ultimate Remote-Access Security".

Steadfast Quality and Easy-to-Use Technology

With millions of users and more than a decade of development experience since 2005, R-HUB products are well-tested and constantly improved. R-HUB makes scheduling and hosting sessions easy. The exceptional quality of our landline-free audio-conferencing service is enterprise-level. Try it FREE and experience the difference. . We’re confident you’ll agree that our products deliver superior image quality, faster speeds, and greater ease-of-use than other leading brands.

Our Hardware Servers Are Extremely Reliable and Easy to Deploy

Similar to routers and switches, R-HUB servers are sealed, dedicated devices optimized to deliver round-the-clock, unattended service and support every day. Truly a “plug-and-play” system, our server firmware self-updates by default without requiring an IT team or maintenance.

In addition, the security provided by R-HUB is hardened at both the application and the operating system level. In fact, this security is so robust that the server is self-protected and can run without the added protection of a firewall.

Branding and Integration

You can integrate the ability to host or join R-HUB sessions into your websites and applications. At the end of a session, you can direct attendees to any web page you like to enhance your branding and message. With hosted services, all your attendees are forced to go to the service provider websites even though you are paying for the service.

Superior Firewall Traversal Technology and Compliance with Lockdown Computers

Thanks to our patented technology, meeting participants who are “viewing only” don’t have to go through a download and installation process. There aren’t any firewalls, group policy requirements, anti-virus systems or lockdown computers to delay or stop attendees from joining a meeting. R-HUB technology works with any platform as long as a web browser is allowed to view Google maps.

Flexible Deployment Designed to Meet Operation Needs

R-HUB offers server deployment options to suit every business. Choose the alternative that best meets your company’s needs:


  1. Internal deployment: Our most secure deployment option.
  2. Internal and external deployment: Enables server deployment in basements, offices or data centers under your company’s VPN and local networks
  3. External deployment: Enables server deployment in data centers outside your company’s networks


internal web conference deployment


web conference deployment

secure web conferencing



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