Turbo RemoteHand: Interactive HD
Video-Based Remote Assistance

Turbo RemoteHand provides interactivity over HD video and desktop sharing. It augments your field services by allowing you to see exactly what your field users are seeing and interact with them in real time.

You See What They See

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Turbo RemoteHand increases first-time fix rates while reducing on-the-job training and downtime, resulting in service profitability growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Field Force: Receive Augmented Remote Guidance from Off-site Experts

Turbo RemoteHand helps technicians quickly identify issues as they arise and pinpoint exactly where those issues reside. It helps techs obtain immediate, remote guidance from off-site experts, providing on-the-job training within minutes and allowing fixes to be implemented rapidly.
Oil & Gas
Machinery Construction Oil-n-Gas

Work Off-Grid: Collaborate Anywhere, Even Without Internet

Turbo RemoteHand can be deployed in the field with small portable batteries, making it possible for team members to work off-grid. Whether dispersed on, over or below ground, crews can collaborate easily even in areas where an Internet connection is unavailable.
Electricity-Cable City-Utility First-Responders
Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturers and Distributors: Support Customers Remotely

To ensure effective onsite visits, customers can run the Turbo RemoteHand App using their mobile phones and access video to view trouble spots and possible causes, identify missing parts, and even apply quick fixes on their own.
Insurance: Reduce Claim Processing Costs and Fraud
Turbo RemoteHand helps adjusters handle claims remotely by guiding customers interactively through the customer’s mobile device cameras and saving images and video. This capability allows customers to file claims faster — and more accurately — than ever before.

Healthcare: Provide Patient Healthcare Online

Provide healthcare to your patients when and where they need it most. With Turbo RemoteHand, medical personnel can perform visual check-ups and consultations before a clinical visit is necessary.

Field Deployment

The Turbo RemoteHand device consumes less than five watts. Powered by a battery, it can be deployed anywhere in the field without an Internet connection. Together with a WiFi router, the device can be used for team collaboration across remote work areas in the construction, gas, oil and electrical maintenance industries.

Private Cloud Deployment

The Turbo RemoteHand device can be deployed at your company’s own data center, allowing hundreds of team members and customers to collaborate over the Internet using their computers and mobile devices.


  • Freeze any view by taking a screenshot.
  • Annotate simultaneously and in-the-moment over real-time video.
  • Share screens and documents.
  • Use mobile-enabled SMS to send collaboration invitations.
  • Collaborate securely with multiple remote parties.
  • Record sessions to be used later for auditing and training.
  • Utilize zoom and mobile flashlight capabilities.
  • Utilize optional hand-free webcams mounted on helmets.
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