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Hosting an Interactive Meeting

2. Hosting an Interactive Meeting

Using TurboMeeting 6-in-1 products, you can host four types of meeting. You can choose the type of meeting you want to host. This section discusses the steps to host an interactive meeting. This meeting type is the conventional method of web conferencing. Each attendee (using either PC or Mac) can interact in the meeting and can be the Presenter or a Controller.

  1. Launch TurboMeeting by clicking the TurboMeeting shortcut from the desktop.

TurboMeeting shortcut

  1. Enter the login credentials and Sign In.
  2. In the meeting control pane, the options and List of scheduled meetings are displayed:
    • Host an unscheduled meeting
    • Join a meeting
    • Schedule a meeting
    • meeting control pane
      Meeting control pane

    Click Host an unscheduled meeting to host an impromptu meeting.

  3. Select the Interactive Meeting type
  4. Optionally, enter a Password. If you enter a password, the invitees also need to enter the same password.
  5. For security reasons, you can limit your meeting attendees to be Only attendees from my network, with the exception of authorized public IP addresses. See the Administrator Manual about how to set these authorized public IP addresses.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. web meeting selection
    Meeting selection

    This screen displays the Attendees, the Meeting Server Address, and the Meeting ID.

    web meeting screen
    Meeting screen

    You can now invite attendees to join the meeting. To invite attendees:

  8. Click Invite Attendees. There are two ways the attendees can join the meeting:
    • Join interactively – Using this option, an attendee can present and control (remotely, via the Internet) the presenter’s computer using the keyboard and the mouse. The steps that the attendee has to follow to attend the meeting are listed later. Click Email to mail the steps to the invitees or click Copy and paste the details to the attendees via online messaging tools.
    • Join a view-only meeting – Using this option the invitees can attend the meeting without downloading TurboMeeting client. Click Email to mail the URL to the invitee or click Copy and paste the URL to the attendees via online messaging tools.
    • invite attendees
      Two ways to invite attendees